Dachshund Mix: A Typical Inhabitant Of Dog Rescues

The dachshund mix is usually found in rescues and not so much in kennels. What’s more, there are approximately six different varieties that you can expect to find including the smooth haired and wire haired as too longhaired varieties and furthermore these mixes can either be of Standard size or of Miniature size. The standard dachshund mix is generally found to also boast of a size of between fourteen and eighteen inches in height and typically will not weigh more than twenty pounds.

Miniature Size

The miniature dachshund mix is obviously very small in size and will not grow to more than fourteen inches in height while its weight will generally not exceed nine pounds. A beagle dachshund mix can be easily found at most rescues. Such a specimen is quite sturdy in build and he will make an excellent hunting dog provided he has been properly trained to hunt. However, a vast majority of beagle dachshund mix pets are found as companion dogs as too make for excellent family pets.

A beagle dachshund mix resembles a foxhound in so far as appearances go and they have certain endearing characteristics including their brown eyes that are large and which demand sympathy from you. The ears of course are long and fall like a pendant. The nature of the dachshund mix tends is playful while they also boast of high levels of energy that remains with them well into their adult years.

A typical dachshund mix is smart and boasts of a determination that is seldom found in other dog breeds though at the same time they also show a streak of stubbornness and so the person that handles these dogs needs to be strong in will and in body to be able to control the hunting instincts of the dog. On the other hand, grooming a beagle dachshund mix is simple which means that they will require very little care. If you want to bring one home then the best place to look for them is a rescue.

Given the fact that a true Dachshund is ranked as high as number six from the more than one hundred and fifty other dog breeds in America it is easy to understand that the demand for them is very high. Even a dachshund mix commands a good demand and these little dogs with smooth as well as shiny coats are in fact very well loved by one and all.

A good dachshund mix will embody many of the virtues and characteristics that are found in Standard Dachshunds which in turn were a dog breed that was developed to help their masters hunt down badgers. Though a Standard Dachshund is often derided for their sausage looks; these looks are in fact deceptive because behind that small body there lays a muscular frame that aids even a dachshund mix to display athleticism and strength that belie their small frames.

A dachshund mix too can easily scent out their prey and track the prey using their excellent sense of smell that ensures that they do not need to rely on sight to find and trap their prey. The dachshund mix also boasts of courage and single minded purpose in its work. Having cornered their prey the dachshund mix can alert their masters through loud barking to let the master know where the prey is.

A typical example of the dachshund mix, the Chiweenie that is a cross between the Chihuahua and the Dachshund is not however a pure crossbreed. Before you think about bringing home a dachshund mix makes sure to check their temperament and you should in fact research and find out what to expect from a dachshund mix based on characteristics found in the pair from which they have been bred. This ensures that you will get to know which combination of characteristics to expect from the dachshund mix. Remember also that not every dachshund mix is derived through a fifty-fifty mix of two breeds and in fact some breeders actually even breed with multi-generation of breeds.

You should look for calmness in the dachshund mix and they should also boast of a loving nature as well as be warmhearted toward others. Sometimes, a certain amount of shyness is welcome and you should also not be surprised if the dog does not bark too much. You need to also understand how best to care for your dachshund mix and you should also look for traits such as having a relaxed nature while it is also a good idea to choose a dachshund mix that seems to be quite attentive. And, of course you should learn how to train them in case they are not trained.

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